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Terms and conditions

Welcome to Maximus! We invite you to take a few minutes to read our general conditions relative to the use of our website. When using the services offered by Maximus Homme 2XL-6XL (here called Maximus), you understand and accept the following conditions and are engaged to respect them. Please take note that Maximus Homme 2XL-6XL can change and/or modify these conditions at any time, without notice. If you do not accept these modifications, you must stop your usage of the MAXIMUSXL.CA website.

When using the website MAXIMUSXL.CA which belongs to Maximus Homme 2XL-6XL, you recognize having read and understood all the terms and conditions as well as the return and shipping policy.

Our engagement to respect and protect your privacy.

At Maximus, we respect the privacy of our clients. We collect information about you in our stores and through our website’s mediator in effort to improve your shopping experience and to inform you regarding our products, services, contests and promotions. As described in this policy, we have the ability to share your information with non-related collaborators who offer services using our name or our partners who have collaborated with us in order to offer a particular product and/or service. This policy describes the information we collect about you, why we collect it, how we use it, and at which moment we share this information with our non-related collaborators. Furthermore, our policy informs you of the choices you can make in how we collect and use your information. If our information changes, you will be informed on our website. If policy modifications are made to Maximus Homme 2XL-6XL, the revision date which is found at the bottom of the home page on our website reflects the moment which these modifications have been applied. If we change our policy in a tangible way, you will be informed in an appropriate matter. For any questions regarding our policy to respect and protect your privacy, please do not hesitate to contact us (Contact us).


We collect your personal information, your full name, your email, your address, your telephone number, your credit card number, your gender, your date of birth, your personal interests, etc. We collect this information in our stores, through our website’s mediator, by phone as well as the moment you participate in a contest, promotion or survey. Additionally we have a historical record of your in-store purchases. Maximus allows itself the right to combine all this information with that of our marketing collaborators, non-related collaborators and our brands.


Before placing an order, Maximus Homme 2XL-6XL invites you to read all our policy concerning returns and shipping as well as our terms and conditions. When placing an order, the user commits to respecting these policies and having read, understood and accepted them. Maximus Homme 2XL-6XL reserves the right to close accounts and cancel orders at all times, whether before or after the order has been placed. The affected clients will be advised. If you reside outside of Canada, before placing an order, we invite you to communicate with us in order to understand the shipping procedure and all accompanied additional fees.


Maximus gift cards can only be used in one of our stores. They cannot be used to purchase products online. The gift cards are non-refundable, cannot be redeemed for cash, cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or damaged. Our gift cards do not have an expiration date.


The communication between Maximus Homme 2XL-6XL and its clients is usually through email. When using our website, you consent to communicate through email with us and you accept this method of communication.


When creating a user account on MAXIMUSXL.CA in order to facilitate your shopping experience, it is our responsibility to protect your information. Maximus is not held responsible for any user account related activities. The account holder is the only one responsible for its use and must commit in advising us of any suspicious activities in their account.


When sending us any electronic documents (contest pictures, etc.), you are committed to hand over the copyright and intellectual property to Maximus Homme 2XL-6XL.


The website’s content MAXIMUSXL.CA (including, without restrictions, the design, images, videos, texts, logos, etc.) are the property of Maximus Homme 2XL-6XL. All copyright and other intellectual properties belong to Maximus Homme 2XL-6XL.


Maximus Homme 2XL-6XL does not guarantee under any circumstance the functionality of the website MAXIMUSXL.CA. We do not guarantee, without restrictions, the absence of interruption on the website during use, the functionality problems, the errors which can be found on the website, the availability of products, the accuracy of the prices and promotions offered, and the protection of personal information. Some prices and/or offers could differ online versus our stores and are only valid online.


MAXIMUSXL.CA includes or can include links toward other websites who are independent of the present site. Maximus Homme 2XL-6XL does not have any control on the content of these websites and Maximus is not held responsible of these sites and/or its content.


Maximus invites you to read our Shipping and returns policy. Please note once the order has been placed by our mediator Canada Post, Maximus Homme 2XL-6XL is no longer responsible of the merchandise. In the event of a lost, stolen or damaged parcel during shipping, the articles are the responsibility of the client (recipient). When reading the shipping and returns policy, you accept that Maximus Homme 2XL-6XL is cleared from all responsibilities regarding the merchandise once delivered. The articles purchased online via MAXIMUSXL.CA are shipped to the address written by the client while placing the order. Maximus is not responsible for any address and shipping errors. Once the products leave our warehouse, it becomes the responsibility of the buyer and no compensation will be offered by Maximus Homme 2XL-6XL to the buyer for any parcels which are non-delivered, lost, stolen or damaged during shipping. We invited you to clearly read your information once you place your order to insure that the given information is correct. Maximus Homme 2XL-6XL decides if an order is being shipped or not. An order that is deemed suspicious will not be shipped and therefore, cancelled. The customer will be informed by email.

The customer has 45 days following the shipping of his order to report to Maximus Homme 2XL-6XL any problem related to his order (missing item, damaged item, order not received, etc.). Beyond this 45-day period, no claim is admissible and Maximus Homme 2XL-6XL is no longer responsible for the goods.

For United States shipping, please contact us (Contact us) before placing your order. All orders which have been placed with a United States shipping address before speaking to a Maximus customer service representative may be canceled. For United States orders, the transportation, duty fees, applicable taxes, and all other additional fees are the responsibility of the buyer.


All online transactions are paid by a credit card mediator (Visa, MasterCard OR American Express). In order for the order to be processed, the payment must receive approval from the financial institution linked to the credit card. All orders are invoiced in Canadian dollars.  All prices published are also in Canadian dollars.


Maximus Homme 2XL-6XL discards itself of all responsibilities related to the accuracy of information supplied on the website. We do our best to describe the products to the best of our abilities, to write the availability of the product and for all further information related to the product (price, measurements, care, etc.). Inaccuracy is possible resulting in letterpress printing, or other human errors. Maximus is not held responsible of these errors and can at all times modify information on the website, without notice. Maximus can also change information related to a product after that the order has been placed. The clients concerned will be advised before order processing. The availability of products stays approximate and can be inaccurate.

Size chart

The clothes for sale on the Maximus Homme 2XL-6XL website have a measurement chart allowing customers to refer to it in order to know the size of the garment that is appropriate for them. The measurements in these charts are provided for guidance only. Maximus Homme 2XL-6XL assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of these measurements and cannot guarantee that the suggestions shown in the measurement tables will apply to all customers.


Maximus Homme 2XL-6XL occasionally provides promotional offers which can constitute in a discount with purchase, gift with purchase or any other offer. These promotional offers are of a limited time and Maximus reserves the right to stop at any time a promotional offer. These offers can be subject to conditions and restrictions. Furthermore, Maximus Homme 2XL-6XL reserves the right to cancel an order counter to promotional offers published.


Maximus Homme 2XL-6XL reserves the right to forbid anyone access to the website, without notice.

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