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Home Measurement guide


What can be better than ordering clothing online and knowing that everything will fit like a glove?

Maximus invites you to watch our video to find your perfect fit. The video will help to reduce the amount of returns and create a much more enjoyable shopping experience.

At Maximus, we offer a large assortment of different brands and styles, each one fitting a little different. With the goal of creating the best shopping experience possible and to reassure you that your shirt and pants fit just right, Maximus has added the key measurements to all of our products online.

Please note that all measurements are of the clothing and not of the body. Now, go get that favorite t-shirt and favorite pair of pants, along with a tape measurer and you’re all set!


Spread your favorite shirt on a flat surface. Take your measuring tape and measure from shoulder to shoulder using the highest point of the garment.

With your shirt still on a flat surface, measure the width of the shirt starting from one inch under the underarm.

To measure the length of the garment, take your measuring tape from the highest point of the collar to the bottom of the shirt.


Place your favorite jeans or pants on a flat surface. Measure the length of the waist from the highest point possible.

You have to measure the thigh at its largest part. Therefore, with your favorite pant still lying flat, measure around 1 inch below the crotch.

Front Rise
The front rise measurement is taken on the top side of the pant. First place the measuring tape from the button to the lowest point of the front rise. This measurement will allow you to determine if you wear your pants with a low-rise, regular-rise or high-rise.

Measure starting from the lowest point of the front-rise all the way to the bottom of the leg. Please note the standard size for our pants is 34 inches long, but all of our jeans and pants can be hemmed without modifying the original look of the item.

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