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Offer him a gift card!

For someone you love, be right on! A Maximus gift card is the perfect gift for that special someone. He will be able to choose fashion items that he likes.

Maximus gift cards can only be used in one of our stores. They can’t be used to purchase online. Gift cards are non-refundable, can’t be exchange for cash, can’t be replace if lost or stolen and do not have an expiry date.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can assert a gift card?

25$, 50$, 75$, 100$, 125$, 150$, 175$, 200$

Should I use the total value of my card in a single transaction?

No, you can use partially or totally the value of your card. If you still have a balance, it will be kept for a later purchase.

How long is a gift card valid?

The gift card has no expiration date. It is valid while the balance. This also applies to gift cards already in circulation, regardless of the date they were purchased.

Can I get my money back if my card is lost or stolen?

The map is at your own risk. It is impossible to recover the remaining balance if it is lost or stolen. Take care as any other method of payment!

Is a gift card is redeemable or exchangeable?

No, a gift card is a final sale. No exchange or refund can be made for a gift card.

Why can not I use my gift card on maximusxl.ca?

Currently, your computer system can not receive this type of transaction. But we're working to make it possible in the near future.

How do I know the balance on my gift card?

There are two simple ways to know its balance in store or by calling 1 844 629 6296

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